Here’s Why The Toyota 2JZ Is Such A Remarkable Engine

If you ever wandered into the automotive world, into the JDM car scene or in search for a popular time-tested engine for reasons like an engine swap, you most likely would have come across Toyota’s 1jz and 2jz engines. On further searching you would have been greeted with surprising hype and devoted fans for this particular engine. If you ever thought what was so special about the JZ engines, you have come to the right place. Following is why the Toyota 2jz is such a remarkable engine.

Reasons in short:

  • Reliable, Durable and Overbuilt
  • Easier Rebuilding and Tuning
  • Packaged along with the Toyota Supra (Mk-4)
  • Good Performance
  • Inline-6 Engine Configuration
  • Great Aftermarket support and Horsepower capacity
Yep, that’s the 2jz, modded of course.

1. Reliable, Durable and Overbuilt:

Being a Toyota engine, the JZ engines carry the charm of being reliable and robust. Unlike other performance-oriented cars who require strict and loyal maintenance, the JZ engines get away with much less care than what a typical sports car would require. The engine is also known for its overbuilt design. Not is the sense of useless complexity, but an engine which is built with stronger materials, enables the engine to have good reliability and a higher horsepower capacity. JZ engines with over 100K miles are still relatively in good condition.

2. Easier Rebuilding and Tuning:

When repairing, upgrading or modding an engine, the engine needs to be rebuilt. Cars which have a complex engine design such as Subaru’s boxer engine, modding becomes harder and time taking. The JZ engines are widely known for their easy rebuilding capabilities. This is why it is almost impossible to buy a supra with stock horsepower figures. The engines also have vast tuning potential which is always a warm welcome for a gearhead.

3. Packaged along with the MK-4 Supra:

The 2JZ engine was first packaged along with the Mark-4 Toyota Supra. A car with an insane amount of fanbase and known for its notable features. This is one big reason why the 2JZ is so well known. The engine is even mentioned specifically in the latter half of the first fast and furious film. Such reasons tend to increase the engine’s popularity many times.

4. Good performance:

A stock 2JZ-GTE provides with 320 horsepower at 5600 RPM and has 333 lb-ft of torque. These numbers may not be eye-catching as of today, but back in the day as a affordable consumer car, it meant a lot. And also to mention that stock figures isn’t where the JZ shines, its ability to handle higher figures after tuning and upgrading is what makes it what it is.

5. Straight/Inline-6 Configuration:

A 2JZ-GTE is a 3.0L turbocharged engine with Inline-6 configuration, meaning the valves are arranged in a straight line.An inline configuration provides with many advantages such as smooth operation, compact and simple design, efficient airflow, cost-effectiveness, easier maintenance, flexibility, etc. Few reasons for the JZ’s fame.

6. Aftermarket Support and HP capacity:

The JZ engines have a huge amount of aftermarket support, which means that parts are cheaper and abundant to find, making upgrading much possible and a much sensible choice. With some aftermarket modifications the engine can handle 500 horsepower easily and if more work and time is put into it, 1000+ HP figures are possible.

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