Why you’re wrong about the Mazda RX8 And Why it Deserves More

The Mazda rx7 is well known and a legendary car and there’s no doubt in that.it is one of the cars that reflects Mazda itself. When the Mazda rx8 was revealed in 2001 and went into production in 2002, it was criticized for its design, engine, smaller figures, etc. And it never got the fame it deserves. If seen from an unbiased perspective I think the rx8 is a great car, sure it has some downsides, but the positives outweigh them. And since rx7s have become plain unaffordable, I think the rx8 deserves a chance.

 > The Positives:


I still don’t get why some people hated the rx8 for its design. Sure it isn’t as sleek as the rx7 ,but it is not meant to copy it, it is meant to be its own car with its own distinct design. The rx8 featured slick rear suicide doors (many to this day still think it is a two-seater, but it is a genuine 4-seater). The RX8 has a nearly 50:50 front-rear weight distribution which plays a great role in its driving experience. It is RWD and has great potential to drift. The interior is comfortable but dated by today’s standards.


Price is a great factor.one of the reasons we are even discussing the RX8 is the insane prices of the RX7. We all very well know that buying a RX7 is not really an easy feat, however the RX8 has still not gained quite attention. But I’m pretty sure it will in the coming years, as people will find alternatives to the RX7. RX8’s are widely available in most countries in clean stock models and could be found and bought under $10000.

3.Driving Experience

Having driven one myself I can comment on this. It is important to remember that figures are not everything, sure it is underpowered (a 1.3L engine) but that does not translate to driving experience Being real wheel drive, having a 1300 kg curb-weight, and the 50:50 weight distribution create something magical when they collectively come to play. The car has great handling and is one of the car’s notable features.


Like its predecessors, the RX8 is powered by the rotary Wankel engine (a 1.3 L RENESIS twin rotor to be precise). The car was offered in many different variants over its production years and received a facelift in 2009. It was offered in manual and automatic transmissions’, so you must be wondering what is the positive aspect here? Well, the best thing of all rotaries, THEY CAN REV TO 9,000 RPM. The gear changes are also really smooth.

> The Negatives:

1.Fuel Economy

One of the sacrifices having a rotary is fuel economy. This is because unlike a piston engine, three phases of combustion happen in a rotary simultaneous. For many, increasing fuel prices and bad mpg is not practical. While it is a good weekend car, it may not be necessarily be a daily driver. However, for whom gas prices do not matter, this should not be an issue.

2.Engine and Reliability

Having a rotary comes with another cost, a painful one, that being engine reliability. If not well maintained and taken good care of, a rotary fails, and the car will require a new engine. That’s why in my country used RX8’s are littered with 2JZ and 3UZFE swaps. Secondly a stock rx8 is not very quick, with the base model producing 191 HP and 156lb-ft of torque.

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