5 Good JDM Cars You Can Actually Buy (Cheap)

JDM or Japanese domestic cars started gaining popularity in the 70s all the way to the 90s. Although that period of fame has passed, the cars themselves are no less desirable and due to the insane demand have become incredibly rare to find. Worse thing is that low milage, clean models are being auctioned of and are costing well over the $100,000 mark. Such news may be sad for JDM lovers, however there are still a good amount of them which can still be bought for a much reasonable price, well at least for now.

1.Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 2G

green eclipse gsx

Credits: LemonChecks.com

The Mitsubishi eclipse GSX 2nd generation was introduced in 1995 and remained into production till 1999. It offered modern features, was manual and AWD, had a super sleek design and came along with the legendary 4G63 engine, cranking out 210 bhp. Although the car gained some fame and is also featured in the opening of the first fast and furious film, it was soon forgotten by being overshadowed by the well known lancer evo. Unpopular future models also led to its downfall and in the recent years it was turned into a crossover -why Mitsubishi. Clean stock models may be a bit hard to find but it is still nonetheless possible.

2.Toyota Century V12

black century v12

Credits: secret-classics.com

Now I know what you’re thinking, a century, seriously? Well yes, considering it has a damn 5.0L V12 in it and is quite cheap. The second-generation century was introduced in 1997and remained in production all the way till 2017.It offered Toyota’s first V12 engine putting out 276 bhp and rivaling the Lexus LS. Newer models might be costlier but older models can still be found clean for a reasonable price. However as time is passing their popularity is increasing and so the cost, so if you ever dreamed of owning a V12 , this is the time.

3.Mazda RX8

red rx8

Credits: blogspot.com

The Mazda RX7 is a cheap car – yeah ill stop, even though any JDM fan will want a rx7, their prices have skyrocketed, with clean models hard to find and costing grands. However this is why the rx8 is cheap, very cheap. When it came out it was criticized for its design and lower performance but that is not all. The rx8 has a good design if seen from an unbiased perspective, offers superb handling has those sick rear suicide doors (yes it has four doors). Though note that it does not have much power and the 1.3 rotary engine requires a good amount of care. However that does not wipe off my love for it. Did I mention it has a 9000 RPM redline.

4.Mazda Miata

grey miata

The 1993 Mazda Miata is simply cheap, and that is a well-known fact. It is exceptionally reliable unlike its cousin-the RX8. They are a good daily driver and are also convertible-that’s a bonus. Considering its popularity, it requires no more explanation.

5.Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

r33 gtr

Credits: japanerimport.dk

The R33 GTR came out in 1993. First of all, I’m aware that it is not a very cheap car, but if someone wants to fulfill the dream of having a Skyline, the R33 is the best opportunity. It offered 273 horsepower, not many changes were made due to the Japanese power-limiting agreement and so received less fame compared to the R34 and R32 models. And this is the reason it is somewhat affordable. If there is an underrated skyline, this is it and it probably will get costlier with time.

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