Porsche’s “Mission” Concept Cars Explained

Porsche has recently revealed the amazing Mission R and Mission X concept cars and the stats revealed are impressive, so without further ado , lets dive in.

The Porsche Mission R :

The Porsche mission R was reveled in September of 2021. It was developed by a team of 30 people for a period of 9 months. Like the Taycan and most upcoming automobiles, the Mission R is all electric, powered by two electric motors putting out a combined impressive 1,073 horses (800 kWh). Just like most Porsche’s, it is AWD. It will use two oil cooled synchronized motors (referred as PMSM). One powering the rear axle and the other powering the front.

One thing two note is that it is basically a developed working concept car, developed mainly as a grand tourer. The car is developed around a carbon fiber cage and weighs around 1500 pounds where the battery takes somewhere between 500 to 1000 pounds. Since the Macan and Taycan are also electric, this will be Porsche’s third EV.T he battery has a capacity of around 80 kwh (82 kWh to be precise). It was speculated by the automotive press that the R will materialize as the Cayman’s equivalent or a future Cayman, however this claim was denied by Porsche.

The grand tourer is designed for short sessions lasting between 25 to 40 minutes. The Mission R also features Porsche active Aerodynamics (PAA) and Drag reduction system (DRS), further contributing to Its immense stats. We hope it soon materializes into something. Even though many do not like EV exclusivity, including myself, there is no denying its applications.

The Porsche Mission X :

Now the Porsche Mission X is something I am genuinely excited about considering it is a predecessor to the legendary 918, which is, well my favorite car of all time. It was revealed recently on 8th of June, 2023. It is developed for Porsches 75th anniversary which contributes to its seriousness’. It’s main “mission” is to destroy the notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife record previously set by the Mercedes AMG ONE.

Another thing to note is that it is all electric. That is what makes me sad. The 918 used a collection of electric motors and a V8 engine to deliver its performance and its song. While a hybrid would be much better, it is understandable considering how strict ICE restrictions will get in a few years.

However, whatever Porsche bakes, must be something insane if it aims to achieve its “mission”. The mission X features a lotta carbon fiber (will probably be built around it), and many aerodynamic shenanigans. Nonetheless, the revealed design looks amazing. Considering its competition and performance figures of the mission R , it will probably be above 1,200 horsepower. Not to mention its rapid fast charging which will charge twice the speed of a Taycan by a 900 volt system , claims Porsche. Again, we hope it goes into production and continues the legacy of the Porsche 959, Carrera GTand the 918.

NOTE : All Image Credits Go To Porsche.

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